viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

NOHH en HOLANDA: Qué lo parió!

La invitación decía:

From: tijn Hola Hilén, Hernán, Mario, David & Santiago, We would like to invite you, to visit our new music community At this moment we are looking for argentinian artists for Would you be so kind to visit, create an account, upload your music and give us your feedback? We would highly appreciate it! You would be one of the first argentinian artists on Labtones, a great opportunity to impress our listeners I would say! ;-). Thanks in advance! Martijn

Seguía con lo siguiente:

From: NoHH

Hi there Martijn,

Thank U very much for the invitation!!! 4 us would be one importat step in our under carreer. We´ll take a look at your site.
Thanks again and BigHug!

Let´s keep in touch, ok?

Mario (Member and Manager)

Y terminaba:

Hola Mario,

Thanks for joining us.
I know for sure we'll keep in touch.
Greetings to the band and yourself.


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